Sleeping Problems in Elders

Sleeping Problems in Elders

To feel refreshed after sleep, a person needs to get enough overall sleep time and sleep at a time that matches their circadian rhythm.

Older people who have problems organizing their sleep often have trouble going to sleep, spend less time in the deeper stages of sleep, wake up early in the morning, and get less total sleep time.

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Formal sleep studies may be needed if a primary sleep problem is suspected or if there is clear dysfunction during the day.

Age and Sleep

A lot of generalizations can be made about how people age and sleep. People over 65 tend to get less total nighttime sleep than people younger than 65. However, it’s not a given that older people need less sleep. Older people wake up and are awake more often at night.

A rhythm like this might make you sleepier during the day. Overall, the sleep-wake cycle of older people may be broken up, with naps breaking up daytime wakefulness and sleep at night.

The deepest stages of non-REM sleep are often less present or not present at all in older people.

However, REM sleep is more likely to be maintained. A slight drop in sleep quality may be a normal part of getting older, but an older patient who says they have trouble sleeping at night or can’t do things during the day because they’re too sleepy needs to be looked at.

Things That Cause Disrupt Sleep

No Enough Sleep


A lot of the time, sleep problems are caused by bad sleep habits. Because of living choices or work obligations, irregular sleep-wake cycles can make it harder for the circadian system to keep you asleep and awake at the right times. Coffee can keep you awake for a long time after you drink it. Caffeine-containing drinks in the afternoon can make it harder to sleep at night.

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Drug Items

A lot of medicines can make you feel alert, which can make it hard to sleep. Among them are some antidepressants (mostly selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), decongestants, bronchodilators, antibiotics, and some antihypertensives.

Illness in the body

Medical conditions, both short-term and long-term, like gout, prostatic hypertrophy, and heart, digestive, and lung diseases, can make it hard to sleep. Pain and discomfort can make it take longer to fall asleep and wake up in the morning. It is possible for neurological diseases, especially Alzheimer’s disease, to make the sleep-wake cycle worse.

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Mental Health Issues

Having trouble sleeping may be caused by the stress of having severe symptoms of a mental problem. One well-known example is the link between insomnia and major sadness. When an older person is depressed, their tendency to wake up early in the morning and become more aroused may get much worse. Other things that can make it harder to sleep are the mental effects of the different changes that older people often go through in their lives.

Syndrome of Restless Legs and Periodic Limb Movement Disorder

People who have restless legs syndrome feel a lot of pain, mostly in their legs, at night when they’re not moving. A lot of people describe it as a “creepy-crawly” feeling. The person says they really want to keep moving their legs or get up and walk around to ease their pain. People with restless legs syndrome may have a hard time falling asleep.

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